Coming in 2019

The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency is an exploration-based puzzle adventure game set in the early 19th century that features Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, and Mary Shelley, the world’s first science fiction author. Based on the acclaimed book series by Jordan Stratford, the game celebrates famous female role models and promotes the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Players of the game help Ada and Mary through a series of puzzles, games, and logic challenges in order to solve mysteries for their detective agency.

The sleuths explore a Regency-era London to discover clues, find lost items, unravel mysteries, and encounter famous scientists, many of whom are women. Players learn facts about a fascinating time in history, at the tail end of the industrial revolution when numerous technological innovations occurred. They meet Caroline Herschel (one of the first recognized female astronomers), Charles Babbage (creator of the first mechanical computer), Mary Anning (Palaeontologist), Charles Dickens (famous author), and many other fascinating characters.

With a dark, sooty, and crunchy aesthetic, the game provides a glimpse of the Regency era. Historical locations come to life as animated, interactive scenes with a quirky and off-angle steampunk feel. Each location can be explored with point-and-click style interaction, with hidden objects to discover, and puzzles to solve.

The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency inspires children, ages 6 to 17, to explore science and discovery through STEM-based educational themes. The evolving narrative is filled with humour, adventure, and a strong female cast. Wollstonecraft is a premium experience for parents, educators, and kids of all ages to enjoy.