Founded in 2011 by researchers in intelligent systems and veterans from AAA gaming, Hololabs fuses creative interaction design with advanced engineering to create stunningly rich but simple new media experiences. With a portfolio ranging from mobile games to interactive physical installations, the company has collaborated with many renowned artists, participated in international festivals and conferences, and has built products admired around the world.


Intelligent Systems

  • virtual/augmented reality
  • human-computer interaction
  • gesture-recognition
  • video tracking
  • immersive environments
  • networked systems

GAME development

  • video game concept & design
  • 3D visualization & modelling
  • user experience
  • graphic design & motion graphics
  • F2P monetization
  • Social, UGC and viral marketing


  • advanced software engineering
  • modern web app development
  • custom software tools & libraries
  • interactive 3D audio tools
  • game programming
  • information architecture