Hololabs will be at GDC 2014 in March

Yes folks, the rumors are true. A couple of us from Hololabs will be heading out west to the Pacific time zone to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

There may or may not be flowers in our hair.

Anyhow, if you will also be going to GDC, and/ or will be in the San Fancisco region at the same time, drop us a line! We’ll be there for the whole week, by the way, and we are very much looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and showing off Papercade.

See you soon!

PS: If email isn’t your thing you can say hi any time over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

IGDA Montreal DemoNight Wrap Up


IGDA Montreal DemoNight was amazing! We sure had a blast. There were something like 600 people in attendance at DemoNight, and 25 games were showcased. IGDA Montreal has put up a photo album [Facebook] and a full video recording of the night (we’re at 1:19:11). Plus, our pals at Flip Side Culture posted their own recap video the other day.

Also: Papercade was featured as a top pick from the night by Montreal culture magazine Cult MTL and by the original self-proclaimed hipster-nerd Mariko on her site Gamerwife. We’re flattered!

Hololabs Recieves Marketing Funding for Papercade

Hololabs is excited to announce that Papercade has recieved marketing funding from the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream. This is the third round of funding Hololabs has recieved for Papercade following sucessful proposals for development and production.

For more on the latest funding round you can check out the CMF’s press release on their website.

Hololabs Will Present Papercade at IGDA Montreal DemoNight


Later this month, January 28 to be precise, we will be showing off the latest version of Papercade to the Montreal games community at the IGDA Montreal DemoNight.

We’ll be floating around taking signups for our beta test, so be sure to say ‘hi’ to any one of us from Hololabs and get your name one the list. You can also show your interest by signing up on the Papercade website.

It’s exciting to see such a diverse lineup - from teams to content to platforms - and it will be great to see what our fellow game developers have been up to lately.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Team Hololabs

We're Hiring! Game Developer (Unity 3D) Edition.

We are expanding our development team in order to complete two upcoming F2P titles for mobile platforms. Candidates should have an interest in social, casual and mobile games.

Required skills:

  • Highly organized, self-motivated, with strong problem solving, troubleshooting, and analytical skills;
  • Intimate knowledge of Unity3D;
  • Highly competent in C#: should understand coroutines, events, delegates, singletons, etc.;
  • Experience in game programming concepts: 3D math, colliders, physics, character controllers, GUI, cameras;
  • Experience with some popular Unity3D packages: NGUI, Playmaker, FingerGestures, AStar (path planning), Vectrosity;
  • Can self-manage, work in an agile environment (e.g., SCRUM), and track progress;
  • Familiarity with version control (Git).

Other relevant skills (not required, but nice to have):

  • Design experience (e.g., Photoshop, 3DSMax, Maya, etc.);
  • Experience writing shaders;
  • Animation (Mecanim, animation controllers, rigging and retargeting);
  • Experience developing cloud-hosted applications, working with web APIs, networking, parsing JSON, data persistence, and database/CMS interaction;
  • Knowledge of web application programming (HTML5, responsive UI, RESTful APIs, JSON, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, etc.);
  • Mobile app development (iOS/Android): XCode, C++, NDK, Obj-C;
  • Bilingual (English/French).

Is this you? Get in touch! Send over an email with your CV to info@hololabs.org.

Hello from the New Team Members at Hololabs

Papercade Team
From L to R: Catherine Warren, Eduardo Noya Schreus, Mike Wozniewski, Stephane Paul, Tanya Short, Geoffrey Cooper, Paul Warne, Lacy Barry, Graeme Lennon, Astrid Rosemarin 

Hi there everyone, My name is Astrid Rosemarin (front, right hand side) and I recently joined the Hololabs team as the Community Director. I’m introducing myself because we want you to know that I’ll be here and all over the social networks to chat at any time. That means whether you’re big into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Google+ I’ll be there as Hololabs and Papercade sharing and interacting with y’all.

So, ‘why now?’ you ask.

Well cool story. Currently here at Hololabs we are working on building an exciting new gaming experience for mobile called Papercade, and we want you to be involved! You can already check out our teaser video over on the Papercade website, and even sign up to be notified when the beta version is launched. We want you to experience the making of Papercade with us, so over the next little while I will be sharing some behind-the-scenes, ins and outs, and other fun goodness. Plus, as we mentioned in our CMF annoucement post, we want to hear what you think about Papercade and any feedback you might have.

On a related note, I’m not the only new person around here. A couple other neat people have joined the team here at Hololabs, too: Geoff Cooper and Stephane Paul. You can find out more about them over on the Hololabs website along with co-founders Mike Wozniewski and Paul Warne. Also related, all of the fantastic people who have so far contributed to Papercade’s development are with us in the photo above. We wanted a fun and thematic way (with snazzy outfits!) to acknowledge Catherine Warren, Eduardo Noya Schreus, Tanya Short, Lacy Barry, and Graeme Lennon for their greatly appreciated work on Papercade. Thanks!

That’s about it for now.

Looking forward to chatting with you,
Astrid, your Hololabs Community Director

Hololabs shows off Papercade at many events, including Casual Connect, Startup Festival, and MRGS

Ha Ha! Business!

This summer has been great on the conference front. We have been all over the continent showing off our Papercade demo and talking to people about signing up for our soon-to-be-launched closed beta test. Not to boast or anything, but there are quite a few people signed up for beta test information already. It’s exciting.

About a month ago we showed off Papercade at the Mount Royal Game Society monthly meetup and it went well. Some of us from Hololabs are always at the MRGS meetups each month and it’s fun to get feedback from people in real life, as well as see what other games people are up to around town.

Aside from the MRGS each month, the Hololabs team has been lucky enough to make it to a couple other big-name events throughout the summer. Early in July we swung by the International Startup Festival and hung out with over 1,400 movers and shakers in the global startup community. After that, at the end of July, we won a spot in the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA and got to show off Papercade to our American amigos.

Next up in the public appearances department for the Hololabs team is MIGS coming up in November. We are looking forward to it, and would love to hear from you if you’re planning on going as well. In the meantime, why not join us on the social networks? We’re all over Facebook, Google+, and Twitter these days.

See you there!
The Hololabs Team  

Hololabs Receives CMF Experimental Stream Production Funding for Papercade

Paperade Arcade Unit Image

Good news everybody!

Hololabs is excited to announce that Papercade has been approved for production funding from the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream. This is the next big step in the tale of Papercade, and will be used to build on the success of the original demo. To help us build out Papercade we have taken on some new team members and moved into a new office space featuring a spiffy new espresso machine. It’s bona fide! We’ve got more about the team in this other post, by the way.

Anyhow, Papercade. Papercade is a social sandbox game where you, the player, can create and share your own interactive stories using cardboard dioramas right from your smartphone or tablet. Picture this: cardboard dioramas like you used to make back in the old days (but now on your mobile device) + characters and objects from your own photo galleries + your own original story/ game = Papercade. Part of the game also includes the ability to recraft your friends’ games and develop a storyline together. Cool huh? We think so.

Because Papercade is all about you, and creating your own games, we want to hear from you! We are building Papercade with the aim of being both easy and fun to use, so any feedback is definitely appreciated (we like fan mail too though). So, join us on the social media networks and stay in the loop for when we launch into beta testing. In the meantime, share your favourite crafting projects with us on Pinterest, or say hello over on Facebook/ Google+/ Twitter. We’re here to chat!

Until next time,
Everyone here at Hololabs

PS: For a picture of the new espresso machine check out our Facebook page.  

Diyorama gets new name: "Papercade"


Time for a Diyorama update! We’re renaming it to Papercade.

We believe that to make the best creative social game we can Papercade will likely go through many evolutionary stages.

We want a game where players of all skill and experience levels can express themselves and create their own original mini-games. Papercade reflects that by harkening back to the simplicity and accessible nature of grade school diorama boxes and paper collages.

So, say ‘hello’ to scrap-gaming and join us over on www.papercade.com.

Hololabs Receives Development Funding for Diyorama

We are excited to announce that Hololabs has been selected to receive development funding through the Canada Media Fund (CMF)’s Experimental Stream.

Diyorama is part of the first of two rounds of funding for the 2012 calendar year.

The full list of funded projects for development and marketing can be found here.

Hololabs launches "Hollowfields" installation at the International Digital Arts Biennial

Hololabs was commissioned to create an interactive art installation for the 2012 first edition BIAN Montreal art festival and Maison de la culture Ahuntsic- Cartierville.

Using real-time point-cloud data from a Kinect controller, participants’ bodies and motion were tracked and projected as patterns of 3D computer graphics onto a series of translucent screens. The resulting experience for the audience was the ability to control a large immersive 3D environment with micro-movements of their own bodies.

Hololabs Presents Farrago at ISMAR and ForumMediaVibes

image copyright FunkiMag.nl

Fotograaf: Arjan Kremer

Just returned from our whirlwind European tour. Received great feedback for our presentation on in-situ content authoring at ISMAR, and had a good time discovering the amazing city of Groningen. Special thanks to Quebec’s cultural attache in Brussels and all the folks at Forum Images for the opportunity. We’ll post video of the presentation as soon as it is made available (you won’t want to miss Sander Veenhof’s talk on the wild wild west frontiers of AR).

For lots more on augmented reality give Mike and Paul’s co-authored paper Towards in situ authoring of augmented reality content a read.

Hololabs announces Farrago, a DIY augmented reality (AR) app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Farrago AR FunKit iPhone App

Montreal, CANADA

The Farrago AR FunKit provides a suite of intuitive tools that allow users to take photos and record videos while incorporating 3-D graphics in real time. Users can choose from a library of 3-D objects, including props and costumes, or create their own objects using a built-in editor.

Once an object is selected, it can be placed anywhere within the mobile device’s camera view using the touch screen. An object also can be associated with a fiduciary marker, a printable pattern that can be held or worn. Viewed through the lens of the camera, the marker becomes the object, and the object – a sword, a rocket, the head of your favorite world leader or anything else you can think of – becomes part of the scene. With Farrago, what you see is what you imagine.

Available now on the App Store, Farrago is being developed by Montreal-based Hololabs, a team with decades of combined experience in programming, video-game production and interactive design. Find videos of Farrago in motion at farragoapp.com, and follow us on Twitter @farragoapp.


MixAR gets new name: Farrago

What’s in a name? A lot, as it turns out.

The first name we came up with for our augmented reality app was a little too similar to that of an existing property. Hololabs co-founder Paul suggested muscling up and delivering a Montreal-style curb stomp to these creepy people who could see into the future and steal our name. Then Hololabs co-co-founder Mike remembered that none of us has ever punched anyone.

So it was back to the drawing board. Emails were exchanged, hands were wrung and we incorporated Learn to Punch Fridays into the employee wellness program at Hololabs.

And that’s how we arrived at this moment, when we introduce to you The App Formerly Known As MixAR: Farrago.

Derived from the Latin for “mixture,” in English, Farrago means “awesome.”

An augmented reality app that blends 3-D models with photos and videos shot on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Farrago will let you add that third arm you’ve always wanted. Farrago will help you capture documentary evidence of Bigfoot and Bigfoot’s sidekick, the Reverend Jerry. Farrago will give you the tools you need to finally realize your dream of spanking Genghis Khan.

The only limits are your imagination and your capacity for spanking.

Farrago is coming soon. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are.