Floor Kids - The Game


Art: Jonathan Ng
Music: Kid Koala
Developer: Hololabs
Producer: Envision Management & Production
Funding support: Canada Media Fund

Floor Kids is an expressive touch-dance action game for iOS and Android with incredible hand-drawn animations, and original music by Kid Koala. Using a rich set of touch combos and gestures, players compete  in breakdance battles around the city with the goal of recruiting new dancers to their crew and unlocking new locations. Floor Kids celebrates self-expression and diversity through the portrayal of street dance and hip hop culture in super cute, super confident style..

The core gameplay for Floor Kids is a breakdance battle where players start on opposite sides of the screen, and take turns trying to occupy the center of the floor. Being in the middle allows the player to dance and perform awesome freezes and power moves (eg, headspins, windmills, flips) to gain points, while the opponent performs ‘taunts’ and ‘burns’ to try to jump back in. Additional objectives (specific combos and sequences of moves) provide bonus scoring opportunities, and the player who has the most points at the end is declared the winner.

The gesture recognition system is modeled after dance motions, so players FEEL like their fingers are dancing on the touchscreen. For instance, a downward flick might trigger a transition from a standing move to floor move, while circular gestures may result in spinning.

Music also provides structure for gameplay. Each battle follows an structure where some sections allow for expressive freestyle dance while others provide a structured rhythm game interface. During these sections, players tap on targets in time with the music while their character performs a choreographed dance, resulting in a highly satisfying, perfectly synchronized sequence of moves.
Players are able to unlock and recruit new dancers to their crew as they advance, exploring new battle environments and music tracks, as well as new moves specific to each character. The unique gameplay, endearing style of the characters, coupled with naturalistic, flowing animation sets this game apart from any others in the mobile marketplace.

In Floor Kids, players will discover an innovative interaction mechanic that uses their mobile device’s touch screen to control the movement of their on-screen dancer. The game offers challenging action-filled gameplay that encourages creative expression and improvisation, an engaging cast of characters, a unique hand-drawn art style that faithfully reproduces the dance motion of b-boys and b-girls, as well as video replay functionality & social media sharing options.

FLOOR KIDS ORIGINATED AS AN acclaimed animation by Jonathan Ng: