Hololabs shows off Papercade at many events, including Casual Connect, Startup Festival, and MRGS

Ha Ha! Business!

This summer has been great on the conference front. We have been all over the continent showing off our Papercade demo and talking to people about signing up for our soon-to-be-launched closed beta test. Not to boast or anything, but there are quite a few people signed up for beta test information already. It’s exciting.

About a month ago we showed off Papercade at the Mount Royal Game Society monthly meetup and it went well. Some of us from Hololabs are always at the MRGS meetups each month and it’s fun to get feedback from people in real life, as well as see what other games people are up to around town.

Aside from the MRGS each month, the Hololabs team has been lucky enough to make it to a couple other big-name events throughout the summer. Early in July we swung by the International Startup Festival and hung out with over 1,400 movers and shakers in the global startup community. After that, at the end of July, we won a spot in the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA and got to show off Papercade to our American amigos.

Next up in the public appearances department for the Hololabs team is MIGS coming up in November. We are looking forward to it, and would love to hear from you if you’re planning on going as well. In the meantime, why not join us on the social networks? We’re all over Facebook, Google+, and Twitter these days.

See you there!
The Hololabs Team