Hololabs Receives CMF Experimental Stream Production Funding for Papercade

Paperade Arcade Unit Image

Good news everybody!

Hololabs is excited to announce that Papercade has been approved for production funding from the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream. This is the next big step in the tale of Papercade, and will be used to build on the success of the original demo. To help us build out Papercade we have taken on some new team members and moved into a new office space featuring a spiffy new espresso machine. It’s bona fide! We’ve got more about the team in this other post, by the way.

Anyhow, Papercade. Papercade is a social sandbox game where you, the player, can create and share your own interactive stories using cardboard dioramas right from your smartphone or tablet. Picture this: cardboard dioramas like you used to make back in the old days (but now on your mobile device) + characters and objects from your own photo galleries + your own original story/ game = Papercade. Part of the game also includes the ability to recraft your friends’ games and develop a storyline together. Cool huh? We think so.

Because Papercade is all about you, and creating your own games, we want to hear from you! We are building Papercade with the aim of being both easy and fun to use, so any feedback is definitely appreciated (we like fan mail too though). So, join us on the social media networks and stay in the loop for when we launch into beta testing. In the meantime, share your favourite crafting projects with us on Pinterest, or say hello over on Facebook/ Google+/ Twitter. We’re here to chat!

Until next time,
Everyone here at Hololabs

PS: For a picture of the new espresso machine check out our Facebook page.