Hololabs announces Farrago, a DIY augmented reality (AR) app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Farrago AR FunKit iPhone App

Montreal, CANADA

The Farrago AR FunKit provides a suite of intuitive tools that allow users to take photos and record videos while incorporating 3-D graphics in real time. Users can choose from a library of 3-D objects, including props and costumes, or create their own objects using a built-in editor.

Once an object is selected, it can be placed anywhere within the mobile device’s camera view using the touch screen. An object also can be associated with a fiduciary marker, a printable pattern that can be held or worn. Viewed through the lens of the camera, the marker becomes the object, and the object – a sword, a rocket, the head of your favorite world leader or anything else you can think of – becomes part of the scene. With Farrago, what you see is what you imagine.

Available now on the App Store, Farrago is being developed by Montreal-based Hololabs, a team with decades of combined experience in programming, video-game production and interactive design. Find videos of Farrago in motion at farragoapp.com, and follow us on Twitter @farragoapp.