Hello from the New Team Members at Hololabs

Papercade Team
From L to R: Catherine Warren, Eduardo Noya Schreus, Mike Wozniewski, Stephane Paul, Tanya Short, Geoffrey Cooper, Paul Warne, Lacy Barry, Graeme Lennon, Astrid Rosemarin 

Hi there everyone, My name is Astrid Rosemarin (front, right hand side) and I recently joined the Hololabs team as the Community Director. I’m introducing myself because we want you to know that I’ll be here and all over the social networks to chat at any time. That means whether you’re big into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Google+ I’ll be there as Hololabs and Papercade sharing and interacting with y’all.

So, ‘why now?’ you ask.

Well cool story. Currently here at Hololabs we are working on building an exciting new gaming experience for mobile called Papercade, and we want you to be involved! You can already check out our teaser video over on the Papercade website, and even sign up to be notified when the beta version is launched. We want you to experience the making of Papercade with us, so over the next little while I will be sharing some behind-the-scenes, ins and outs, and other fun goodness. Plus, as we mentioned in our CMF annoucement post, we want to hear what you think about Papercade and any feedback you might have.

On a related note, I’m not the only new person around here. A couple other neat people have joined the team here at Hololabs, too: Geoff Cooper and Stephane Paul. You can find out more about them over on the Hololabs website along with co-founders Mike Wozniewski and Paul Warne. Also related, all of the fantastic people who have so far contributed to Papercade’s development are with us in the photo above. We wanted a fun and thematic way (with snazzy outfits!) to acknowledge Catherine Warren, Eduardo Noya Schreus, Tanya Short, Lacy Barry, and Graeme Lennon for their greatly appreciated work on Papercade. Thanks!

That’s about it for now.

Looking forward to chatting with you,
Astrid, your Hololabs Community Director