Game Designer (adventure game / puzzle / level design)

Hololabs is looking for a part-time game designer for an upcoming point-and-click puzzle adventure game. It's a girl-powered scientific mystery series set in the early 19th century, with a young target audience (8-15 yr olds). The world and characters have already been developed, and there is a writer who will be creating the story. The designer's role will be to create the underlying adventure game mechanics, puzzles, contraptions, inventory system, mini-games, and work with the team on level design and progression.

Job Description

  • Create concept documents and initial treatments for core game systems.
  • Create detailed design documents, feature briefs, wireframes, charts, tables, and prototypes that describe each system's mechanics.
  • Help to establish UI metaphors, style, progression, and level design.
  • Work with artists and programmers to help implement prototypes of the game.
  • Test the game regularly and work with the team to improve the design and balance against technical constraints.

Skills / Requirements

  • Be creative and imaginative, with a passion for storytelling and game design
  • Demonstrate design experience (especially: adventure games, puzzle and level design)
  • Be highly organized, self-motivated, with strong problem solving, troubleshooting, and analytical skills
  • Effectively communicate and present your vision, and handle constructive feedback
  • Have an interest in kids games, education, and gender-neutrality
  • Have a fascination with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Understand basic principles of 3D graphics, game engine capabilities, and related design constraints
  • Have a passion for UX design, simplicity, and elegance
  • Be able to self-manage, work in an agile environment, and track progress
  • Keep informed of mobile games business (eg, Premium vs F2P vs Episodic) and product development


  • Experience with Unity3D, basic scripting (C#), and related prototyping tools (eg, PlayMaker)
  • Graphic design & game art skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DSMax, Maya, etc.)
  • Knowledge of social media, marketing campaigns, and PR for games
  • Familiarity with version control (Git)

Additional possibilities

This is a part-time position, but it could become a full-time position if you are also interested in:

  • social and community management (for the game and the studio as a whole)
  • running playtests, organizing events, participating at tradeshows and festivals
  • handling marketing and press outreach
  • building the online presence for the game and managing support
  • general business development


This position is only open to candidates in Victoria BC, or those who can easily visit from time to time (eg, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Seattle, etc.). Remote work is possible, as long as the candidate is available for regular on-site design meetings.

Interested candidates should apply using the CONTACT FORM.
Please include a link to your portfolio, CV, LinkedIn profile, or other relevant resource.