In 2019, Hololabs is embarking on a mission to innovate in the field of interactive educational entertainment.

Through the use of emerging technologies and access to real-time data, our new learning apps provide kids with dynamic real-world interactivity for engaged learning. These apps make use of publicly available data to create rich narratives, activities, and games that simultaneously entertain and educate. With the ability to evolve through live operations and community engagement, these experiences remain relevant, fun, and scale with growing features and changing interests.

We have a number of products in development, each taking advantage of cloud-based technologies in unique ways. We are integrating data from Google Maps, Street View, Google Earth, Augmented Reality, and other real-time sources to create relevant experiences for the next generation of computational thinkers.

We aspire to establish a passion for lifelong learning and to teach the skills necessary to succeed in a predominantly connected and digital future. Our apps reward inquiry and exploration by offering broad content, as opposed to a singular focus on a traditional curricular subjects. In addition to a core curriculum, our apps teach practical knowledge and critical thinking for the REAL WORLD, a place of fascinating possibilities every bit as engaging as fiction.